Is there MORE inside of you?

But you do not know WHAT it is?

But you can feel, there is something

Then I am the
for you!

QT Candor Thomas Quink Offenheit Coach Coming Out

Do you need help with your gay outing / gay comming out?
I am a professional COACH from Germany specialized on helping men with this very special and interesting phase of their sexual and social life.
I am educated in social psychology, sociology, NLP, hypnosis, coaching, etc…

I prefer a long time relationship with my clients – and with most clients we manage to establish that.
For the start I offer you the following package:

Gay Comming Out Package – Self-confidence

1. Free „Get to know“ Telephone Call

2. Three months of coaching and consulting
a. Messenger support – daily – as needed
b. Highly effective telephone call – weekly
c. Challenges for you to grow – all the time
d. Hypnosis and NLP – weekly – as needed

3. Final call with advices for a happy life.

At the end of the three months you will have a clear view onto your present situation and a plan how to proceed with your sexual orientation.

Usually I charge for a single hour of consultation up to 450 Euro.

As I have lots of Corona-Spare time. Get your three months package for 299 Euro only. This will only be valid as long as Corona hinders my clients to visit me at home.

If you want to book this package, please contact me on WhatsApp. You will find a link to do so in the right lower corner of your screen.

Looking forward to get to know you.


Thomas Quink

Looking forward to talking to you – Your IOpener!

Jetzt chatten ......
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